Rudimental goddies!!! New Album

I just love when I receive this kind of emails.. Dear Itunes I love you. I know, I buy stuff on Itunes, all the time, probably every week.. yup. But the issue here is Rudimental new album is finaly HEREE! I so freaking happy about this, I've been listening on soundcloud and youtube for weeks now, and just couldn't take it anymore. Need this on my iphone. YEY

I think is just what we need to do, support those artists that we love and who we really want succeed  So that they can continue producing great music for us all!!! No surprise this is my current obsession.


music and film (Aris Jerome and Hippie Sabotage)

Film and music, music and film... give me that every single day. We should live our lives constantly like it was a music a video. I am being dead serious. The joy that comes through combining what you love with music is just heaven. Everything just makes sense. I just come out of my senses everytime I see a good visual work with Trap Music, R&B or Hip Hop. 

Tumblr is one of the best sources in the world, also google images, but I found this amazing duo over some blogs and completely fell in love with the work.
The filmmaker Aris Jerome and music producer Hippie Sabotage are just the HIT combination to cool, fresh videos. 

This "Riding Solo" work, I am over obsessed with it. It just speaks me, and would love someday to produce something identical. I know, you probably think, "how crazy this girl is, there are so much better stuff out there, full of quality production and editing." I know there are, but the simples things sometimes just speak louder to you than others. They simply send an ideia and I get it.

check out Aris Jerome and Hippie Sabotage other works. Just worth it!



It is very interesting to just watch and dig deep into this documentary. The all Internet era, and the way we people sometimes just have the need to label. Cyber world much? maybe yeah.... Watch this six-part documentary by Red Bull Music Academy - H∆SHTAG$



(photos by Spotted)

"I'm a self-taught musician aside from what I've been able to pick up from other players". Walter Becker, you totally quote my Adobe Master Collection experience, just so you get the chance to read this post.. ever. This quote actually says a little about the self-taughting era we do live nowadays. So I guess this is a great synonym to describe youtube singers and their awesome ways of self music production techniques. I see better videos on youtube that on Mezzo, MTV or MCM this days. I do love those channels everyone, I mean, Trace Tv where would I be without you. But I need to try to explain my point of view. Youtube sometimes switches places with my actual Television. 

So Jenny Suk.. we can totally be friends right? Looking for the amount of time I spend on your channel, I almost believe we do have some kind of bond. I adore this girl.. I religiously listen to her music almost every day. And I need a mixtape, or an album release. Something to sing on my car drives, asap. Check out her Youtube account and as she invites everyone, Vibe with her. I am already.


Chocolate Sounds

(photography by Spotted)

Went to my first chocolate fair... And made me think, how many songs do you know, that are chocolate related? Meanwhile I will continue to eat and debate on that. Already came across a few of well known music! happy sunday


News coming!

I can't tell, how excited I am about this new thing.. I want to start doing for the blog, and for myself as well. Music, and video just complement my life in so many ways, and what better idea than start my own interview series on some bands, and artists. Here is the teaser for my very first one, featuring the adorable Bottom Lab, the musician/rapper from Cascais, Portugal. Very talented one and I just can wait to let you guys meet him very soon :)


Baked Donuts

I must say, how freaking excited I am about this band! What makes it different from any other out there? Well, for starters, they are a portuguese band with a sound which I just relate to it 100%. Secondly, I am the lucky one to had the chance to work with them, and help with some visuals for they most recent mixtape. This kind of work, just makes me pop out of bed, and work work work, until I achieve some excellent results. And who doesn't like donuts I may add? Baked Donuts, is the name to retain everyone. Go listen to their music right now, and if you please comment and share ;)